Stress and Stress Hormone Basics with Karla Maree

Karla Maree is a functional diagnostic nutrition consultant who specializes in brain chemistry issues such as pyroluria. In order to help her clients recover naturally from depression and anxiety, she uses targeted amino acids, other nutrients, and food. She also specializes in cravings, sleep, and energy dysregulation.

She works with clients worldwide. Her website is Karla is on a mission to let people know it is possible to recover happy brain chemistry and find joy in life again.

You can reach her at


Here’s my favorite gems from this week’s episode:

  • Why not all stress is bad
  • How to look at lifestyle factors to determine what’s stressing ourselves out
  • Stress hormone basics- what are cortisol and adrenaline and why do we need them?
  • The biggest cause of many people’s stress
  • Cortisol dominance & how it makes us freak out
  • How saliva cortisol tests can be helpful
  • Why food is the best thing you can focus on to lower stress levels
  • Why mindfulness is key in transforming our stress experience
  • Why we need to take the “frog test” to see how we are responding to things



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