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Dr. Dave Carbonell a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders. He is the author of The Worry Trick and Panic Attacks Workbook: A Guided Program for Beating the Panic Trick and the founder of I first learned about his work when I read The Worry Trick and my mind was blown by the realization that Everything we think we know about worry is wrong.

Some of us may be under the impression that we will eventually be able stop our worries, that our worries are in some way helpful, or that we can learn to control our worries. This thinking pattern actually creates more worries for us…. causing us to worry about how much we worry!

In this episode, Dave teaches us his top techniques to how to catch when we’re worrying and what to do about it. Check it out on iTunes! If you like it leave a review with your favorite knowledge bombs, share it with a friend who worries, or subscribe to get more of the goodness! Here are Dr. Dave’s top tips from this week’s episode BELOW.


Catch your “What If…” statements

The number one thing all worries have in common is that our favorite two words are “What if…” Worriers are very skilled artist when it comes to painting the worst-case scenario picture of the future. Start to pay attention to your thoughts, and you’ll begin to realize that if you have time to say “what if” you likely aren’t in any immediate danger.

Practice exposure to your thoughts

Engaging with your thoughts, rather than trying to suppress them, allows you to completely flesh out all of the details of what is troubling you. Try to write a “worry statement.” Get all of your worries down to about 20-25 words, spend time sitting with your thoughts and repeating them. Chances are by the end of this exercise your fear will subside and you will start to see the humor in your thought pattern.

Don’t be afraid to admit you worry

40 million Americans struggle with stress and anxiety. 40. Million. Americans. Yet no one talks about it, so we believe we are along in our struggle. There is incredible freedom in opening up about your struggles; for me, it has completely eliminated any sense of shame I have about my anxiety (super counter-intuitive, I know) and drastically increased my confidence and sense of self.

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