Karla Maree is a functional diagnostic nutrition consultant who specializes in brain chemistry issues such as pyroluria. In order to help her clients recover naturally from depression and anxiety, she uses targeted amino acids, other nutrients, and food. She also specializes in cravings, sleep, and energy dysregulation.

She works with clients worldwide. Her website is Karla is on a mission to let people know it is possible to recover happy brain chemistry and find joy in life again.

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Here are Karla Maree’s top tips from this week’s episode:

Know your supplements!

Zinc: Zinc is an trace element that is essential for health. If you have pyroluria, you will have lower than normal levels of zinc which will exacerbate symptoms. Make sure to look for a copper-free zinc supplement like the one linked, as copper increases symptoms of pyroluria. Food sources of zinc are oysters, beef, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds.

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 helps support a healthy adrenal system and calm nervous system. Certain meditations and diets can cause a lack of B6 which contributes to mood disorders. Try a good Vitamin B6 supplement, as well as foods rich in B6 like tuna, bananas, salmon, beef and spinach.

Evening Primrose Oil: Evening primrose oil is a great source of Omega-6 fatty acids, which play a crucial role in brain function. Supplementing with a daily evening primrose oil supplement, as well as increasing omega-6 rich foods like poultry, eggs, and nuts, can help bring you back into balance.

Multivitamin: Food and mood is so deeply linked that if we are not getting the proper nutrients we can definitely feel a bit funky. A good multivitamin is a great way to stay on track and make sure you are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals you need daily.

Learn the symptoms of pyroluria

Thanks to Karla for this great checklist! Check each statement that applies to you (now or in the past). If a statement does not apply, mark it with a zero “0”. If an answer applies only to the past, indicate this with a “P.”

____ Anxious, fearful, or inner tension since childhood
____ Bouts of depression and/or nervous exhaustion
____ Poor or no dream recall
____ Nightmares, stressful, anxious or unpleasant repeating dreams
____ Dislike eating protein/meat or eat it only rarely, and/or feel it does not digest properly
____ Are a vegetarian or vegan
____ Prefer not to eat breakfast, may experience light nausea in the morning
____ Poor appetite, or a poor sense of smell or taste
____ Prefer the company of one or two close friends rather than a gathering of friends
____ Tend to become dependent on one person whom you build your life around
____ Becoming more of a loner and/or avoid outside stress as it upsets your emotional balance
____ Focus internally (on yourself) rather than on the external world
____ Changes in your routine (traveling, new situations) are stressful
____ Feel uncomfortable with strangers
____ Easily upset (internally) by criticism
____ Bothered by being seated in a restaurant in the middle of the room
____ Hard to recall past events and people in your life
____ Eyes sensitive to bright sunlight and/or noise
____ White spots/flecks on your fingernails, or have opaquely white or paper-thin nails
____ Frequent fatigue
____ Prone to anemia or low ferritin
____ Joints pop or tension-achy feeling between shoulder blades
____ Have, or a family member has, thyroid issues
____ Over-exercise (more than 1 hour a day and/or work out 7 days a week)
____ Frequent colds or infections
____ Suffer from irregular, painful, or no menstruation
____ Prone to acne or eczema
____ Stretch marks or poor wound healing
____ Tendency toward morning constipation
____ Definite breath and body odor (bad or sweet/fruity odor), especially when ill or stressed
Place a checkmark by any statements that apply to you/your family (these are not rated).
____ Reached puberty later than normal (14 or older)
____ Crowded teeth and/or need braces
____ Pale or fair skin, or palest in family, sunburns easily
____ Upper abdominal, splenic pain (left side under ribs) and/or as a child, got a “stitch” in your
side as you ran
____ Belong to an all-girl family or have look-alike sisters, or for men: your mother is from an
all-girl family or has look-alike sisters or the females all tend to look alike
____ Severe mood problems, mental illness, alcoholism/other addictions in your family

Want to know more about Pyroluria?

Check out The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution by Trudy Scott (aka my bible).

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