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Daniele Della Valle is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Author of Happy Weight, and Motivational Speaker. Having worked in the food, beverage, retail and service industries for the past 18 years, Daniele has had an invaluable experience that greatly contributes to her now profession as an NTP and body positive coach. After Daniele transitioned into nutrition she dove head first, worked in a Keto clinic as the principle nutritionist, opened a private practice, wrote a book, started a podcast, and now is about to embark on the conference circuit as a motivational speaker. Her love to heal and be of service to others is clear when you meet her, her heart knows no bounds. Daniele’s hope is that she can work hard to help every woman feel validated and supported through every aspect of their life.




Here are my favorite gems from this week’s episode:

  • Moments of vulnerability open us up to deeper love and acceptance
  • The holistic approach to healing brings our body, mind and spirit back into balance
  • How to stand your ground when you make health changes
  • How to focus on the body as a whole and eliminate weight-loss thinking in order to find health and happiness
  • Why love is the key to health


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